a story by Andrew Graber

As I began looking at old photos of Betty and myself, the tears came dripping from deep within my eyes. Last month, Betty was involved in a fatal car crash. She was the love of my life, and she felt the same exact way towards me as well. I remember so vividly, the very first time that we had met. I met Betty on one of those online dating sites about two years ago. After exchanging a couple of messages on that dating site, Betty and I had agreed to meet at a local diner for a cup of coffee.

As soon as I began looking into Betty’s eyes and chatting with her, I knew she was exactly what I was looking for in a woman.

Betty was so intelligent, and we both shared a lot of the same interests. After having our coffee and conversation that night, I hugged Betty and asked her if she would want to see me again.

She said yes, I would love to see you again Edward. I really enjoyed my evening with you tonight, Edward. 

I remember that we had both waved goodbye to one another as we both had gotten into our cars. 

After that, we started seeing one another at least three or four times per week. Every time that Betty and I met, our love for each other had only gotten stronger and stronger. Betty brought out the very best of me, unlike any other woman that I had ever met.

Everything was going great between the two of us, until last month when I heard my phone in my apartment ringing.

It was Betty’s mom. I knew from the tone of her voice that something was terribly wrong.

I was completely devastated by what Betty’s mother had just shared with me. I just stood there in total disbelief, as I was unable to get any words out of my mouth. Betty was cremated and her mother gave me a bit of Betty’s ashes for me to keep.

After that, I noticed that my anxiety was getting really bad. In fact, sometimes I would experience delusions and hallucinations when my anxiety had reached its boiling point.

The days went by, and somehow I managed my anxiety without seeing a psychiatrist.

Although no woman in this universe could have replaced Betty, my loneliness was getting the very best of me. That being said, I joined the exact same dating site that Betty and I had met on. I searched around for women that had similar traits as Betty had. I also looked for women who had similar physical features as well.

I sent about seven messages out to these women who reminded me of Betty, but I never heard back from any one of those women. I took a break, and made something to eat. After cleaning up, I decided to log back on to the dating site again. I had noticed that one woman had sent me a message, but she did not have a photo of herself on her profile page.

In this woman’s message, she asked me if I would be interested in having a cup of coffee with her at her place. She had said to me that she thought that we would be a good match for one another.

She told me that she lived by herself in a very small city.

If you like country living, you will surely like where I live, she wrote in her message. At the end of her message, she said that her name was Betty. Oh my goodness, I said to myself, after knowing that her name happened to be Betty. I sent her back a reply, and I told her that I would be delighted to have a cup of coffee with you. After sending my response, within two minutes, I had gotten a message from Betty. In her message, she gave me directions to her house.

Betty also asked me to come over tomorrow at about two o’clock in the afternoon. If I do not get a message back from you, I will assume that you will be coming over to my house tomorrow at two o’clock, she wrote.

I logged off from the site, and then sat down on my favorite chair in my living room. What should I do, I said to myself? Betty lived about fifty miles from my apartment.

Is it worth traveling all that distance, just to meet a woman who I do not know at all?

The odd part about this was that her name happened to be Betty. I found that to be very peculiar. I got up from my chair, and got back on my computer. I searched on the internet for the best way to get to Betty’s house. I printed out a copy of the driving directions, and then I shut off my computer.

What have I got lose, I said to myself? If we didn’t get along, at least it would be a nice ride going into the country.

My mind was made up, as I then started listening to some music. After that, I decided to call it a night. After about a few minutes of tossing and turning, I eventually fell asleep.

Tomorrow came, and I took my morning shower. After that, I made some breakfast. After cleaning up, I listened to some music.

While getting lost in the music, I happened to glance at my clock in the kitchen.

I noticed that it was nearing noon, so I started to get ready for my date with Betty.

I locked my door, and got into my car. I followed the driving directions, and I was on my way to Betty’s house. After about an hour or so of driving, I turned off of the expressway.

According to the directions, I should be at Betty’s house in only another ten or fifteen minutes, I said to myself. As I was getting closer and closer, I was driving slower and slower. There is Betty’s address, I said while I parked my car right in front of her house. I got out of my car, and began to walk up to her front door. I rang her bell but no one answered. I rang her bell two more times, and finally, I began to see her front door opening up very slowly. Oh my god, I said to myself. I hope that I am not having another one of my delusions and hallucinations, as I was standing on Betty’s front doorstep. No my dear Edward, this is not one of your delusions or hallucinations. Please give me a big hug and a kiss, Edward. Since I died in that automobile accident, I have missed you so very much. 

Do you mean to tell me that you are really Betty, I said? The Betty that I loved more than any woman in this universe?

How in the world can it possibly be you, Betty?

Don’t question it, Edward.

Just be in the moment, and give me a hug. As I began looking into Betty’s beautiful eyes, I started to hear a loud noise that startled me. Do you hear that loud noise, Betty?

No, my love, I do not know what in the world that you are talking about? Stop acting silly and give me a hug, Edward.

Now, do you hear that loud noise, Betty? How can you not hear that noise, Betty? Finally, I had realized what that loud noise was, as I reached over in my bed, and turned off my alarm clock that was ringing on my little night table.

After I got out of my bed, I headed into my bathroom to take my morning shower. I pulled my shower curtain open, and I was unable to move or talk.

Standing inside my tub was Betty.


Andrew Graber was born and raised in the northeast part of the United States and currently resides out West. Besides writing stories, he also likes to create various types of art. On occasion, he likes to sing as well.

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