A Review of Extreme Zeen 2

by George Pimpelton, Founding Editor of The Perilous Review

World-Renowned “Voice of the Literary Establishment”

I’ve been asked to offer an opinion on this publication apparently referred to as a premium “zeen”– I’m holding it in my hand as I write this– I can only express my most pondered puzzlement at the presentation. Designs on interior pages? A clash of colors? Quite unorthodox. Will that not in fact interfere with one’s reading? I can only conclude my opinion about this offering: Not! (Yet at the same time there is admittedly something rather appealing and, dare I say, compelling about this “new form of publishing”?)

But do we really need a “new” form of reading and publishing?

I dare say the accepted form has served us rather well for indeed rather a few centuries now. At least since Defoe, if not Swift, if I’m not mistaken. I’ll have an intern of mine look it up.

“New”! The idea is preposterous, even ghastly when one thinks about it. (I must bring this up later at the Club.) Never disturb the accepted hierarchies, I always say.

Good day.


Extreme Zeen 2 is available here.