The Search for RoboPoet

c/o Karel Capek

ONE OF the Special Projects this blog will devote itself to in coming weeks and months will be our search for RoboPoet.

Our mission at Special Projects is to cover stories in the literary world and elsewhere which no one else could conceivably want to touch. One of those stories is this one.

While many new developments are taking place in the world of Artificial Intelligence– including a creepy poetry reading done by an A.I. robot in front of the pyramids (we kid you not), the most advanced of new A.I. robots is RoboPoet– the creation of an insane entrepreneur/engineer/physicist/tech genius known to us so far only by the moniker of Doctor Snow. (More about that in a future post.)

While the Ai-Da robot discussed in the CNN article is a Level Two creation, the aforementioned Doctor Snow claims that RoboPoet is Level Five– which would make it the highest level robot writer created to date. One capable, presumably, of writing to the level of a T.S. Eliot. Or at least Bukowski. Or at least comparable to the standard work of an Ivy League MFA graduate.

New Pop Lit’s Special Projects Unit is putting together a team to investigate this matter further.

More updates to follow.