Fun Pop Poetry #23


“An Exploitation of Subtlety” by Dan Nielsen

defined / undefined / redefined
thinking / unthinking / rethinking

defined thinking / defined unthinking / defined rethinking
undefined thinking / undefined unthinking / undefined rethinking
redefined thinking / redefined unthinking / redefined rethinking

defined thinking is logic
defined unthinking is humor
defined rethinking is memory

undefined thinking is dreams
undefined unthinking is meditation
undefined rethinking is perception

redefined thinking is philosophy
redefined unthinking is art
redefined rethinking is bliss


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Fun Pop Poetry #5

shock photo for Dan poem

“Four Poems” by Dan Nielsen


She asked, “Why do you love me—
Is it my shape, or face?”
I said, “You’ve got me wrong;
What turns me on,
Are your quirks and traits.”


She’s supportive, though pessimistic,
And often gives this advice,
“It’s never to late to get started,”
Though you’ll never get done in time.”


Our teacher was Miss Givings,
A woman I adored;
And if I ever had Miss Givings
I certainly don’t anymore.


I received shock therapy
For multiple personality.
It hurt like hell, and was no fun;
And now I don’t have even one.


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FACES AND FIVES by Dan Nielsen!

Relaxed 001

AT our table at the big Allied Media Conference in Detroit this weekend we’ll have a variety of publications on sale– including our first NEW POP LIT print issue. But we’ll also have on display and for purchase ample copies of the offbeat chapbook Faces and Fives by Dan Nielsen.

What are Faces and Fives, you ask?

They’re kind-of art and they’re kind-of prose and they’re kind-of poetry, all rolled into one. They’re readable and fun and they’re perfect for a project like ours dedicated to presenting pop lit of a sort which can nowhere else be found. To really discover what Faces and Fives are you’ll have to be at the conference!

(We were so impressed with Dan Nielsen’s Faces and Fives we’ve asked him to join our outfit!)


NEW POP LIT Print Issue #1 Is Coming!

NPL Cover two

WHAT will the print version of New Pop Lit look like? We’re not sure! All we know is that Detroit’s most kickass young artist, Alyssa Klash, has done the cover for us. We also know that the issue will contain dynamic– no, nuclear– writing of the like you’ve never seen. We guarantee it!

Underground legend Jessie Lynn McMains has provided a story about two young women that’s stronger than anything by Mary Gaitskill at her best.

Chicago’s best story writer Thomas Mundt has given us as bizarre and well-written a tale as you’ve ever read.

A host of other fantastic writers will be presented; talents like Terry Sanville, Kathleen Crane, Robin Dunn, Colin James, Wred Fright, Brittany Terwilliger, Dan Nielsen– each writer unique; exploring the idea of pop literature in an original way. And more.

We intended our first issue to be unlike any literary journal ever seen. A new direction. Literature produced with a DIY attitude and a zine edge.

NEW POP LIT The Print Version will debut in Detroit June 19th at the Allied Media Conference. Watch for it!