Sending The Dog to a Farm

by Gregg Maxwell Parker

Child:  “Where’s Peanut Butter?  Did he die?”

Parent:  “No, he’s not dead.  We sent him to a farm.”

Child:  “Why would you send my dog away?  I love him!”

Parent:  “We sent Peanut Butter to a big farm upstate.  He’ll be able to run around and play all day – he’ll be very happy there.”

Child:  “He wasn’t happy with me?”

Parent:  “No, he was miserable.  He wanted nothing more than to get away from you.  That’s why we sent him away, so he could finally be happy.”

Child:  “Can we go visit him?”

Parent:  “Nope.  He doesn’t want to see you.”

Child: (*cries*)

Gregg Maxwell Parker is the author of the 2019 book Troublemakers. Find more of his work at

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