We’re Better

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WHO are we better than?

We’re BETTER than the New York literary establishment, which seems trapped in word-clotted hyper-intellectualized writers absolutely out-of-touch with the authentic American voice.

As example of what we’re NOT we give you current Poster Boy for the stagnating status quo, brainiac postmodern writer George Saunders.

george saunders photo for crop

The man is an acolyte of David Foster Wallace, who before moving on from this world almost single-handedly destroyed American literature as we know it, with his overdone style of lengthy sentences and even longer paragraphs. A mish-mash of nonsense.

George Saunders is out to top him. If David Foster Wallace had an IQ of 185, Saunders will prove his is 195! Lost in the competition for postmodern philosophical glory (with accompanying grants and awards) is the READER– that trusting person who reads the glowing reviews and unwittingly buys the Saunders book.

NOT TO WORRY! At New Pop Lit we’re presenting writers not screened by insular academies. Not approved by obedient apparatchiks at conglomerates.
We put the reader FIRST.



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