(Un)Fun Pop Poetry #27


Three Strong Poems for the Oscars from Bruce Dale Wise

“We Won’t Attend the Oscars”
by Darius Ecwabeus

Actress Taraneh Alidoosti said she won’t attend
the Oscars since Don Trump will temporarily suspend
the immigration to America from fine Iran,
as well as lovely Libya, and beautiful Sudan.
“Humiliating fine Iran for some security
is not a new phenomenon in modern history,”
said Oscar nominee Asghar Farhadi to the press.
He’s probably not thinking…1979’s mess.
“I do condemn unjust conditions forced on citizens.”
Is he discussing fine Iran’s fresh murderous events?


(As, for example, in the following poem of seven years ago no one would publish):

“In 2009 the Blood Ran in Tehran”
by Delir Ecwabeus
for Abdul Serecewi

Upon her shoulder was a dove
that drank blood from her mouth—Nedā.
It was a murdering of love—
a Basij soldier! so I ran.

Her voice in Farsi, her last words
were, “I’m burning. I’m burning.” Sup
with the martyrs for freedom, bird
of golden song, fold your wings up.

(Or this tribute to Iranian poet Hashem Shabani, originally published at http://www.radiuslit.org on 3/18/2014. Shabani was executed in Iran in 2014):

“Hashem Shabani”
By Abdul Serecewi

He had to die for waging war on Allah, yes;
and after all he was an Arab in Iran as well,
who came from Ahvaz. It is so. Confess, confess.
And then, of course, he was a member of this hell
called Earth. He mocked the sacred revolution too.
How could he ever do that willingly? Tell, tell.
And then he tried to raise his voice for others, who
were beaten, eaten by the state. Relate, relate.
Why even President Hassan Rouhani knew
he needed to be hung, and fast. How could one wait
to clear corruption’s body from this bloody mess?
Come clean, come clean, and bring this bard upon a plate.


(Photo from http://www.executedtoday.com.)

(Send your topical poems to funpoppoetry@gmail.com. Rhyming preferred.)


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