Fun Pop Poetry #21



“The Ballad of King Bozo” by Blixa BelGrande

King Bozo, once trusted toy revered
Now lies suffering with severed ear
Bozo feeling like Van Gogh
“I don’t think I can take much more”

King Bozo’s batted down the hall
He doesn’t like this new game at all
Bozo thrown up towards the ceiling
In his legs he’s lost all feeling.

King Bozo slips into depression
“Why am I this cat’s obsession?”
Bozo fears he’ll go insane
If he’s tossed down the stairs again.

“…but is it possible to go insane–
if all I have is stuffing for brains?”
and is it possible to feel injustice
if my body is made of sawdust?”

“Bozo! You’re looking pretty rough!
I’ll put you in the basket with the other stuff.
Little Malcolm deserves a new toy.
After all, he’s been a good boy.”

King Bozo breathes a sigh of relief
As he’s deposited on the heap
Of tired toys, forgotten muses
Come to rest,
forget abuses.

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