Fun Pop Poetry #20


“O Man” by Pepper (as told to Scott Cannon)

O man, o man
Worship me
Bask in the ring-tailed glory
Of my gray tabbiness!

Knead the warmth
Back into my winterporch-chilled batman ears
And I will knead the pit of your arm
As I ninny like a kitten
With my face upon your breast
I make my bed of you
O Man!

Your hands cup my triangle head
And gently squeeze
Your thumbs push back my ears
And you laugh at the funny face you made of me
You pull my tail
But my purr is a motorboat
And my brain is an avocado seed
And I will have my way

You call me by many names
But I do not come when you call
Your names are but sounds of me
Who have no name
For I am the I am
With but one name for you
O man!


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