Fun Pop Poetry #18


“12-541 First Corner Lane” by Anna Gecko

When we moved into First Corner
we made the house our own
hanging flags and painting fence posts,
drawing eyes on every stone.

The next day there was a letter
crammed beneath our wooden door:
“Please return your home’s appearance
to the way it was before.”

Long story short, we didn’t,
and somehow the HOA
thought that was clear permission
to throw all our flags away

“We set a clear example
for our kids,” the letter read,
but I’d seen some neighbor parents
stumble drunkenly to bed.

Eventually we sold the house,
the fenceposts painted white,
the lawn so neatly manicured
and everything just right.

The houses on First Corner
have a number and a name.
Inside they may be different,
but outside they’re all the same.


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