Fun Pop Poetry #17

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from

“Merger Mania” by Tarzana Joe

Can you think of something
More insan-ier
Than another wave of
merger mania?

Remember when they
Called the coroner
For good old
AOL – Time-Warner?
And in what seems
A dress-rehearsal
GE purchased

How can one company make
Fear Factor
A show where contestants put rodents down their pants
also make nuclear power plants ?
Like a hand grenade and a two-foot tether
Some things just don’t go together

AT&T, if it has its druthers
Would like to join with Warner Brothers
Well if that deal has any takers
I can’t afford to watch the Lakers
And if those regulators let this fly
Amazon is gonna be the “little guy”


But there is one good merge idea
LEGO should join up with IKEA
LEGKEA would be a global force
The pinnacle of all things NORSE
Here’s why this one is a work of art—
Not only would they make furniture that you can put together
They would also make furniture that you can take apart.

© Tarzana Joe


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