Fun Pop Poetry #15


“Two Topical Poems” from Bruce Dale Wise

The Sinister Clown Craze
by Earl Dolan Page

Creating horror has its consequences, one can see.
Watch out what you promote—a creepy clown conspiracy.
“Hey guys it’s time to cool the clown hysteria,” he tweets;
but even Steven King must deal with these horrid treats.
His fictive nightmares now are coming to reality;
and creepy clowns, as weird as him, are running down our streets.
The creepy clown craze that is escalating coincides
with Hollywood’s remake of Steven King’s It’s Pennywise.
He says that “most of ’em are good” and “cheer the kiddies up.”
But now he too must drink from his own grim, nightmarish cup.

O, Like a Rolling Stone
by “Weird” Ace Blues

How many songs must a man sing before he’s called a man?
No bell was ringing in the ears of Robert Zimmerman.
The times they are a-changin’, and Bob Dylan has received
the Nobel Prize in Letters, said the joker to the thief.
How does it feel…to have opened the folk-blues-rock door
upon the World stage, electric guitar troubadour,
a champion of the World, in which hard rains continue on,
as they have ever done so since the very crack of dawn?
How better then to be unfettered at a microphone,
freewheeling up and down life’s slopes, o, like a rolling stone?


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