Fun Pop Poetry #13

alligator 1

“Alligators Everywhere!” by Ellsworth B. Smith

Alligators everywhere
Eating kids without a care

Alligators in the park
Alligators after dark

Chasing golfers, chewing dogs
Crafty though they look like logs

Moving fast with little feet
I see alligators in my sleep!

Alligators looking cool
Alligators in my school

Climbing fences past the guards
Alligators in my yard

Red-tinged mouths and shells of green
Monsters belched out from a dream

Gazing out with glowing eyes
Choosing soon their newest prize

Chomping down with pro-nounced “crunch”
I fear they want me for lunch!

Faces full of evil grins
Killing’s not for them a sin

Reproducing like a virus
TV shows say worse than ISIS!

You can kill them if you like
poison gas or dynamite

Machine guns might not take them out
Nuclear weapons carry clout

Kill them, kill them, on the double!
Turn these creatures into rubble

Cleanse the planet if you dare
Of alligators everywhere.


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