Fun Pop Poetry #11

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from

“Four More Poems” by Dan Nielsen

Some Birds and Others

Some birds fly from tree to wire
And back to tree, but then,
Others just keep going—
And are never seen again.

New-Age Poem

At Planetary Nebula
I had a coffee enema.
Later, when I ordered joe,
They asked me if it was to go.

Aisle 129

I went to the jumbo mega-mart
Where they satisfy all my wants.
I asked is they had alphabet soup.
They said, “Yes, in various fonts!”

A Woman Finds Attractive

A woman finds attractive
A man who’s not too shy
To do a dish, or two,
Or three, from time to time.

Though not so much, if cleaning stuff’s
A neurotic obsession—
And even less, if Dishwasher
Is the man’s profession.


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