Fun Pop Poetry #10


“Poetry Is My Business” by Tarzana Joe

Each week I pen some verses
Evoking cheers or curses

About virtues or vices
Or some impending crisis

And I’d love to share my views
But there’s nothing in the news

No secrets have been swiped
Or servers gotten wiped

No one is calling names
Or makes outrageous claims

The news is such a bore
Nothing happens here no more

No aliens are landing
Or candidates grandstanding

The market’s doing peachy
The Pope is quoting Nietzche

I’d love to sing my song
But not a thing is going wrong

Nobody’s found a fossil
Dictators have been docile

Hate speech has been nixed
And the climate’s all but fixed

Bless my soul and damn my eyes
There’s nothing left to satirize

© Tarzana Joe


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