Fun Pop Poetry #9


“Election 2016” by Ellsworth B. Smith

I see the parade
I’m reading the signs
Faces and slogans
Surround me on all sides

The streets are full of lunatics
The sky is dismal gray
The shouting’s a cacaphony
Inferno on display

They tell me to participate
They say I have to vote
They call it civic duty
But I wanna tell them “No!”

Mad meandered messages
Getting me down
Every cartoon candidate
Looks like a clown

Blaring wide-screen TV screens
Mass indoctrination
Puppet pundits blathering
Across the hapless nation

Cryogenic geniuses
Wonder-working wonks
No shortages of experts
Though all of them are wrong

I can’t take anymore of this
The crazy circus show
But they tell me this election
Still has seven weeks to go!


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