Fun Pop Poetry #7


“Hallelujah, I Don’t Care” by Craig Kurtz

I hear the Bastille has been stormed —
so what, my periwig’s deformed;
the crime rate’s through the roof;
there’s riots in bread lines, forsooth.
Hallelujah, I don’t care,
what counts is looking debonair.

I hear the Dutch attack tonight —
but dammit, my new hat’s too tight;
the pillaging’s out of control;
the sans-culottes say heads must roll.
Hallelujah, I don’t care,
my fragrance is beyond compare.

I hear the royal family fell —
oh foo, my cravat looks like hell;
Versailles Palace is in collapse;
those Jacobins’ are sure rough chaps.
Hallelujah, I don’t care,
whoever heard of Robespierre?


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