Fun Pop Poetry #3

car wreck

“Pokémon, Stop!” by Bruce Dale Wise aka Cu Ebide Aswerl

“Burrdttt! bddurrddtttt!”
—Flannery O’Connor, The Life You Save May Be Your Own

I crashed my brother’s car while playing Pokémon Go game
I saw there was a Lapras close, so I drove to the lake.
I’m 28; I have the app; the game is really cool;
besides one gets to meet the others also searching too.
As I drove through some neighbourhood my app was buzzing—zing!
Excitement filled my being, o, the feeling dizzying.
I just looked over for a second…then I hit a tree.
I broke my ankles, cut my knee; I needed surgery.
My mother posted pictures on it, oh, my God, Facebook!
100,000 hits! I will be careful when I look.


Cu Ebide Aswerl is a poet of fun, leisure and inactivity. He likes nothing better than lying around and doing nothing. His favorite character from literature is Ivan Goncharov’s Oblomov, but he also appreciates Shakespeare’s Hamlet too, who has to actually ask himself in blank verse if he should be.


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