We Have a Question!


We’ve chosen a “Lit Question of the Month” — and have begun emailing it to lit and book people high and low. Several esteemed names have already responded, BUT we want a variety of respondents. Including the opinions of general readers, who are the most important part of the process.In other words, join in! Answers will be posted in batches at this blog. Simply email us at newpoplit2@gmail.com with your response. One word to 150. Kindly list your name and a one-or-two word description describing your relationship to books and literature. Such as, writer, reader, editor, blogger, educator, and so on.

Here’s the question:

Should the contemporary short story be radically revamped in order to reach a broader audience?

(To see our idea of the new story pick up our recently-released print journal, New Pop Lit #1here.)

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