Kathleen Crane Interview!

Kathleen as blonde

Today we have a short interview with Detroit writer Kathleen Crane, about her collection of stories, ALOHA FROM DETROIT.


NEW POP LIT: Why nine stories?

KATHLEEN CRANE: I could say that the nine stories are a nod to JD Salinger’s ‘Nine Stories’, or that after all, a cat has nine lives– and one of my favorite stories in the collection is about a cat. But really, it just ended up being nine, for no particular reason

NEW POP LIT: Who are your models as a story writer?

KATHLEEN CRANE: I admire Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Salinger. But I make an effort not to model my writing after anyone’s. Imitation is suicide.

NEW POP LIT: What are the advantages of Detroit as a setting?

KATHLEEN CRANE: Write about what you know– and I know Detroit. I grew up in the suburbs and work in the city. Plus Detroit has an edge I haven’t found elsewhere. I like to think my stories have an edge, too. Detroit also has duality–it’s on the rise yet in the ashes at the same time–like a lot of my characters.

NEW POP LIT: How representative is the story “Aloha from Detroit” of the other stories in the collection?

KATHLEEN CRANE: It’s representative in that it’s somewhat autobiographical fiction, it’s set in Detroit, and the characters are somewhat unusual. Flawed, with unusual dilemmas. Did you know “aloha” means hello and goodbye? My protagonists don’t know if they’re coming or going.


Buy the ebook Aloha from Detroit by Kathleen Crane at Amazon’s Kindle Store, here.



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