Reinventing the Literary Journal?

question mark

Let’s face it. Even the more hip and renowned literary journals, like n+1 and The Believer, are fairly stodgy affairs. Their writing is designed for a select group– a precociously snobby crowd– those positioned at the inside of today’s insular literary game.

What if a lit journal were created which aimed at an audience of everybody?

A journal, moreover, which contained stories as good or better than anything produced by the mainstream? A better literary product?

This is what we’ll present to the world in Detroit on June 19th. We’ll have a table at the big Allied Media Conference at Wayne State University. Our new literary creation will be on display.

We treat this as an important moment in literary history, because it IS an important moment in literary history. A first step on a new path for an overlooked art.

When you read the stories in NEW POP LIT Issue One you’ll agree.


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