We’re Looking for the NEW




How would one go about making literary history? By presenting what’s never been done.

This doesn’t have to mean a complete remaking of an art. Maybe just a remixing of existing elements. There was nothing new in what the Beatles created– they only meshed together then-current pop/rock styles in a unique way to make what they played appear shockingly new.

Right now we’re finding fantastic writers and stories from among what’s currently out there. But we also want writers to try creating what’s NOT yet out there.

For instance: pop. Pop. POP! Take a look at the Roy Lichtenstein painting above, and at other of his paintings. Write a story with the same clarity and coolness. Capture that pop style– the drama and clarity. Cool emotion. If you write ten short stories in the attempt and one comes close to the mark, you’re creating the new.

OUR QUESTION: What do you expect of yourself as a writer? What are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to write exactly what everyone else is writing?


This isn’t a writing class where you need to impress a professor. We’re not looking for Henry James or John Updike. Be creative. Be goofy. Be simple. Be pop. Write a short pop tale that’s dramatic, colorful, clean and fun.

Then send us the result.


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