What! Scandal at NEW POP LIT HQ?!


We’ve heard rumors that NEW POP LIT’s unpaid intern, Slippo T. Hippo, was drinking on the job one night when left alone at NEW POP LIT  headquarters during a recent snowstorm.(We of course, as the Number One literary site in America, have quite lavish digs. Even if they are largely imaginary.) We haven’t confirmed the rumors– but there are a host of compromising photographs making their way across the Internet. Photoshopped?

We are putting an investigator on the case. We hope to recruit the same person investigating the case of the New England Patriots’ mysteriously deflated footballs.

Tom Brady: :”I don’t know anything about anything!”

Slippo T. Hippo: “I know nothing!”

All tips on the matter are welcome.

(Below: the inevitable result?)



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