Count the Products!



(Pictured: Alice Gregory, our designated “Ultimate Commercialized Writer.”)

Have art and commerce merged completely? Is Ultimate Commercialized Writer Alice Gregory, a New York staple, the face of the future writer?


We’re asking our readers to go onto this Alice Gregory article and count the total number of products mentioned. Be careful! Not all of them are highlighted.

This feature of course isn’t the only time Ms. Gregory has been a commercialized trailblazer for New York City writers. There’s this interview at The Awl, called a “Sponsored Post.” We’d never heard of a sponsored post before. The behind-the-scenes sponsor in this instance is chic clothier Ann Taylor.

Alice Two

Need help finding a uniform? The Ultimate Commercialized Writer is there, courtesy of J. Crew.

Does the UCW promote anything more upscale than uniforms? Yes! For larger budgets, Alice Gregory, the Ultimate Commercialized Writer, contributes articles for radical chic magazine n+1 and its high-priced readership. Noteworthy among her pieces is this one, on the art auctioneer Sotheby’s:

We like this quote in particular:

“I can now identify a Loro Piana cashmere shawl from across a crowded room (a disproportionate percentage of men worth over a billion dollars wear purple ones).”

Wow! Would we expect anything less in discernment and taste from the Ultimate Commericalized Writer? A model for us all?! She’s the cutting edge of today’s New York literary scene.


DON’T FORGET! Count the products at the first link. Tell us what you believe is the correct number, asap. Don’t be wrong! Thanks.


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