The Best Pop Writer?

scott and zelda

WHO is the best pop short story writer of all time?

Is it Robert Louis Stevenson?

Jack London?

O. Henry?

Dorothy Parker or Ernest Hemingway?

This is a question we plan to ask and answer in coming days. We seek the help of our readers. Give us the name of your candidates! (If any.)


Part of the question is resolved by what’s considered a “pop” short story. (Sorry, but neither the stories of Alice Munro nor of David Foster Wallace qualify.)

First, the tale must be readable to everybody.

Second, ideally it’s fun. Or at least entertaining. It should show a quick “pop” quality.

Third, it should have clearly visible characters, and revolve around a situation involving those characters.

This is what we attempt to do with our Halloween story, “Horror House,” a collaborative effort of sorts between NEW POP LIT’s editors and a mysterious(?) “Ghost Writer.” It should be up today at our main site shortly!


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