More on the Death of Alt Lit

HTML Giant

(Leading Alt Lit website HTML Giant is scheduled to stop activity this week. Does their logo show their confused mentality?)

QUESTION: Did the literary establishment invest too heavily in the “Alt Lit” scene?

The future of Alt Lit writing was always a dead end. Trends in contemporary status quo literature were pushed by Alt Litsters to their illogical extreme. Fiction that was self-involved and unreadable became more unreadable. Poetry that was thin and irrelevant became thinner and even more irrelevant.

The problem was that the trendy young writers the media establishment nurtured and hyped were centered in one community. Brooklyn. American literature can’t and shouldn’t be defined by a collection of pampered brats in Brooklyn!

Fortunately, the ebook revolution is changing all dynamics.

Will Alt Lit writers change their mindset and their writing to fit into a changing literary environment?

We’ll be posting more on these questions here and throughout the site.

But what do you think?



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