Stonewalling the Tao Lin Story?

Tao Lin III

As this blog has previously indicated, there’s much reluctance to talk about Tao Lin on the part of literary people who a mere two weeks ago were quite voluble on the subject.

Case in point: Brooklyn-based Insider lit journal n+1. They just came out with a very long essay on Tao Lin, “Nobody’s Protest Novel,” by Frank Guan.

Is Guan, or anyone at n+1, willing to discuss the essay?

Not so far. Perhaps they’re trying to get in touch with us and failing. Here’s our email:

Dear n+1: We’ll give you all the attention we can for your new issue!


Also mum: Another influential lit mag, this one on the other coast, in San Francisco: The Believer. Tao Lin is part of a September 2014 online “exclusive,” interviewing, for The Believer, Insider’s Insider poet Ben Lerner.

In his n+1 essay, Frank Guan portrays Tao Lin as “marginal.” Not so much.

Frank Guan also attacks “incurious overseers.” We at NEW POP LIT aren’t overseers exactly– but we are curious! Let’s discuss.

(Stay tuned for more on this topic at



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