Latest Tao Lin Happenings

tao lin II

-Tao Lin was originally scheduled to appear today, October 7, at a “Pen and Ink” reading at the chic bookstore Housing Works in Manhattan, at 7pm. His name has since been dropped from the line-up, and has been airbrushed out of all promotional material..

-NEW POP LIT has sent requests to two of Tao Lin’s publishers, Random House and Melville House, asking if they could answer a few questions about Tao and his books. From Random House we received a long “automatic reply” full of boilerplate bureaucratese. It gives the impression that RH is a monstrous entity full of layers of staffs and barriers, within which it’d be difficult to contact an actual human being. This gives the impression, rightly or wrongly, of monstrous inefficiency. We await word from Melville House.

-NPL co-editor Karl Wenclas has a post up at his personal blog examining the question of whether there’s been a double standard in the established literary world about the scandals involving Ed Champion and Tao Lin. See

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