Ten Unanswered Questions About Tao Lin

Tao Lin III

1.) Did Tao Lin have early (2005) backers? If so, who?

2.) Is Tao Lin’s writing the apotheosis of postmodernism?

3.) Does his writing reflect the death of postmodernism?

4.) Are Tao Lin and the Alt Lit crowd truly representative of the new generation of writers?

5.) What was Melville House thinking when they published Tao’s Shoplifting from American Apparel?

6.) Why American Apparel as a target?

7.) What’s the kick that affluent young writers get out of shoplifting?

8.) Who funded Tao’s Muu Muu House publishing venture?

9.) Is the self-centered prose of Alt Lit the direction in which American literature should be headed?

10.) Why is Tao Lin receiving more defense from established writers than has Ed Champion?

We seek answers!

p.s. For an alternative to Alt Lit, read our main site, http://www.newpoplit.com.


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