Big New York City Gala!

bow tie young men

Centrally located to network literature’s moneyed set, Guernica Magazine has announced its next swanky gala for November 5, 2014, the event to be held at the prestigious Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria. (That’s in Queens, folks.) See the link:

The Big Boys of literature and publishing will be booking $10,000 tables. This includes a special “Thank You.” (Gift bag?)

Solos can crash the event for a mere $250. Poorer folks are permitted to attend an after-party drinks session for $50 a head– opportunity to scan, in the flesh, lingering smashed plutocrats, woozy big-time agents and Big Five editors, and the like. Florid faces; groping hands; ruffled dresses, rumpled tuxedos or loosened black ties– the wandering voyeur or lit-reporter will have a time of it.

Are any noted billionaires expected? Bill Gates? The Koch Bros? Warren Buffett? Donald Trump? One can hope!

Stay tuned to this NEW POP LIT station for more news about the literary event of the year.

-Reported by K.W.


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