Welcome Back NFL!


We at NEW POP LIT (NPL) welcome back our cultural rival, the National Football League. Where’ve you been?

The question arises: Who is the most “pop” player in the NFL? (One candidate is Robert Griffin III.) Let us know what you think.

Also: Give us your Super Bowl picks.

(I’m sure we’ll hear from “the usual suspects.”)



2 thoughts on “Welcome Back NFL!

  1. I of course adore NFL “American” football I enjoy its “violence” I mean “action” nothing against the European “futbol” variety but it is rather tame in comparison one begins to enjoy with the NFL the brutality I find it inspiration for my “novels” and “stories” one does go very “far” far! FAR in one’s writing in comparison but I’ve always enjoyed “action” one doesn’t dwell on it quite as much as what some “critics” say no I’m not in fact a violence groupie but as far as choosing one player over another I have no idea, I have no conception of “pop” but as I said I’ve written must’ve written at some point I’ve done so much writing must have done “pop” writing but I’ve never had a “pop” character to my information, but was Mike Tyson pop? one begins to get beyond’s one depth you know but as far as my “Super” Bowl choice (what makes it “Super”? I mean compared to an ordinary game they’re similar) I’d have to go with the most brutal team informed students tell me that’s the Seahawks, but how brutal are they? I mean, do they kill people? NOT as brutal as my stories apparently! Too bad those scary-but-compelling ISIS men don’t have a team. . . .


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