Wrestling Wannabe!

(Pictured: Slippo T. Hippo practicing his wrestling moves.)


Inspired by NEW POP LIT’s Feature Story, “The Unshakable Kayfabe of Tommy Rage,”


the wannabe-mascot Slippo T. Hippo (@slippohippo) informs us that he now wants to pursue a wrestling career. We doubt this is possible, but hesitate to discourage the little guy.



To get onto this blog, the irrepressible Slippo has provided the editors of NEW POP LIT with an overheard joke. We disclaim all responsibility for the joke– you the reader are on your own.

A stewardess on an airliner admired the diamond ring worn by a middle-aged passenger.

“What a beautiful diamond!” the stewardess remarked.

”Yes, it is,” the matronly woman admitted. “Quite a stone. The only problem is that the diamond came with a curse.”

“A curse?” the stewardess asked.

“Yes, a curse. The Plotnik Curse.”

“The Plotnik Curse!” the stewardess said in amazement.

She’d been a stewardess for a few years, and had heard her share of remarkable stories from passengers.

“What’s the Plotnik Curse?” the stewardess asked.

“Mr. Plotnik.”


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