NEW POP LIT Newsroom!


What’s the latest in the literary world? One of the tasks of NEW POP LIT is to keep you the reader informed.

This weekend saw two major online discussions about writing and publishing.

One of NEW POP LIT’s editors, Karl Wenclas, made a brief appearance in a thread about the business of publishing, initial post by Nick Ripatrazone, at The Millions blog. See the comments, particularly toward the bottom:

(See also follow-up remarks by Wenclas at his blog:


The other major discussion is covered by ebook author Joe Konrath at his blog, in the post “The Opposite of Legacy”:

The only comment we at NEW POP LIT might make about this discussion is that one road to take is to build your own media! One step at a time. Create your own critics. Advance the cause with stronger ideas, in a forum built to compete with status quo literary media. In some small way, that’s a goal of this project.

We welcome ideas and participation from all sides. 


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