Snappy Comments!


We want snappy comments! If they relate in some way to books, publishing, literature and the literary world, all to the good. Tell us what you think. We want to be an open forum– we ask readers and writers of all kinds to help us define or refine our ideas, our direction, our tools. Speak up! Drop a line. Say a word or two. Show us you exist. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Snappy Comments!

    1. If I may I wish to congratulate you pop! lit? people for your ambitious new project and I must say or I suppose MUST say that I once ONCE once! wrote a few “pop” stories of a kind myself, they were mysteries and I can’t remember the name I wrote them under it was so “so” long ago I used a pseudonym was afraid of demeaning detracting from my significant reputation especially specifically at a time when I was in the running or at least “thought” I was in the running for a Nobel actually I really still am though it’s becoming increasingly futile despite my many many novels more than any previous winner you know or my championing of young writers like Jonathan Safe Forever find them in my writing class, so it’s I suppose if I’m allowed to “suppose” I suppose I may be allowed if it’s allowed for an outspoken but not always outspoken woman to suppose anything that it’s a mystery as to the name I used for those mystery books I wrote, “pop” books, I suppose everything now is supposed to be “pop” is going to be ‘pop” I mean Pop! and I’ve never been averse to bandwagon jumping. . . .


  1. We’re not encouraged in seeing a distinguished novelist apparently ready to abandon her standing within the literary establishment and embrace pop. Existing in Brooklyn within the shadow of the Big Six, we cannot take any side which would indicate, rightly or wrongly, that we’re on the side of change in the literary world. Sorry.


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